Welcome to Solstice Energy Solutions: Connecting Communities, Empowering Lives!

Discover a new era of connectivity with Solstice Solar Solutions by NuRAN Wireless. More than just a communication service, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Why Choose Solstice Solar Solutions?

  • Connectivity Anywhere: Our solar-powered stations thrive in diverse environments, ensuring uninterrupted service even in remote villages.

  • Accessibility for All: Recharge your mobile phones at an affordable rate, making connectivity accessible to everyone.

  • Smart Solutions: Backed by 12 years of meteorological data, our smart and sustainable solutions stand resilient against changing weather conditions.

  • Community Empowerment: NuRAN Wireless reinvests a percentage of profits generated by users back into the communities. Whether it's supporting other solar equipment, building school infrastructures, or installing clean water facilities, your connection fuels positive change.

Be Part of the Connected Future, Be an Agent of Change

Explore the possibilities with Solstice Solar Solutions and contribute to building a connected and empowered world. Your gateway to connectivity is also a gateway to positive change.

Discover the impact of Solstice Solar Solutions – not just a station but a catalyst for change. Join us in building a connected future where every community is empowered through reliable and affordable mobile connectivity. Explore the possibilities with Solstice Solar Solutions and be part of a transformative journey toward a connected and empowered world.

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