Discover the GSM LiteCell 1.5: 

Revolutionizing Connectivity for Bridging the Digital Divide.

Explore the world's most affordable, lowest power consumption, and easiest to deploy GSM basestation - the GSM LiteCell 1.5. Specifically crafted to bridge the digital divide and empower low-density, low-income, and remote populations, the GSM LiteCell opens up endless opportunities for mobile connectivity in previously underserved areas.

Key Features:

  1. Affordability: Unmatched in its cost-effectiveness, the GSM LiteCell 1.5 offers a budget-friendly solution, making mobile coverage accessible even in financially constrained regions.

  2. Extensive Reach: Empower remote and sparsely populated locations with mobile coverage, overcoming the limitations of traditional equipment. Extend network coverage to areas where infrastructure is minimal or nonexistent.

  3. Simplified Deployments: Designed for hassle-free installations, the LiteCell is hand-carried and tower-mounted, eliminating the need for heavy machinery or protective shelters. Connect antennas directly to the unit without costly external RF components.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Experience ultra-low power consumption, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX. Minimize costs associated with solar panels and batteries, or diesel-powered sites, making it an environmentally friendly and economically viable solution.

  5. Optimized for Satellite: Combine the LiteCell with NuRAN’s NuBSC and LiteSat for industry-leading bandwidth optimization. Keep operational costs to a minimum, especially for satellite-backhauled sites, ensuring efficient connectivity in remote areas.

  6. Proven Reliability: Built on NuRAN's fourth generation of GSM basestations, the LiteCell 1.5 boasts proven reliability. Thousands of units have been deployed worldwide, enduring harsh conditions and delivering consistent performance.


  • Rural Coverage: Connect villages and communities in remote rural areas.
  • Roadside Coverage: Ensure seamless mobile connectivity for travelers along highways and remote roads.
  • Low Density Villages: Bring mobile services to sparsely populated villages and towns.
  • Remote Sites: Extend coverage to isolated locations and remote sites.
  • Developing Countries: Support the digital transformation of developing nations by expanding mobile networks.
  • Private Networks: Create dedicated mobile networks for private enterprises and organizations.

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