Welcome to NuRAN's Insight Geo Intelligence, the comprehensive solution revolutionizing mobile network optimization. Our Insight service is a game-changer for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), offering a suite of powerful features designed to transform the way networks are planned and deployed.

The Population Analysis feature empowers MNOs to precisely pinpoint areas of high population density, allowing for a meticulous evaluation of the addressable population across various coverage radii. With conservative measures ensuring accuracy, Insight strategically configures site placements to meet expected demand.

Location Analysis takes center stage in identifying undercovered localities, enabling theoretical and macro radio planning to define the optimal points for network expansion. Through diverse tools and meticulous selection processes, Insight identifies ideal site configurations for each locality, maximizing coverage efficiency.

Through Coverage Simulation, Insight brings theoretical plans to life by simulating coverage scenarios using standardized typologies and configurations. These simulations are meticulously evaluated to determine the most effective site configurations, meeting demands and ensuring superior quality of service.

Revenue Analysis offers a light yet insightful examination, identifying prime opportunities for coverage across different localities. By considering critical factors like ARPU, subscriber penetration, and coverage thresholds, Insight determines minimum population targets for market viability.

Capacity Dimensioning & Site Configuration optimizes proposed capacity feasibility and revenues, ensuring site configurations align with projected demands while guaranteeing financial viability.

Candidate Selection becomes a streamlined process with Insight, evaluating and pinpointing the most suitable deployment sites based on terrain, population density, and coverage requirements.

Moreover, our LOS (Line-of-Sight) Analysis feature meticulously assesses visibility between candidate sites and existing infrastructure, factoring in terrain profiles and distances to determine optimal site placements.

But Insight doesn't stop there. NuRAN Wireless engineers conduct on-the-ground surveys, gathering intricate data in ultra-rural and rural African villages. This comprehensive approach involves mapping population centers, educational and religious institutions, mines, terrain types, vegetation, and potential signal impediments. This data is then analyzed to determine the prime placement for cellular towers, ensuring optimal coverage and connectivity in these diverse and challenging environments.

Experience the future of network optimization with Insight Geo Intelligence - your key to precision, efficiency, and connectivity redefined.

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